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The US embassy in Islamabad has announced that the application fee for US tourist and non-petition-based non-immigrant visas, such as student and exchange visitor visas, will be increased from $160 to $185. The official duration of the Atlantic hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30, marking its commencement. To navigate unpredictable weather, seek guidance from a reliable travel advisor and obtain a suitable travel insurance plan that covers trip disruptions caused by tropical storms or hurricanes. A seasoned advisor can assist in selecting the right policy considering individual circumstances.

About Gerry's Travel

The goal of Mr. Wali Muhammad Tayyab (late) was realized in 1963 with the launch of Gerry’s Travel, which entered the air travel industry as an IATA-based travel agency and provided a wide range of services to the business sector. With offices all throughout Pakistan and in the United Arab Emirates, Gerry’s Travel, a division of Gerry’s Group, is still expanding today despite its modest origins. It benefits greatly from its extensive national infrastructure and operational capabilities.
The current reach of Gerry's Travel is unmatched. For a number of foreign airlines, including Oman Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Kenya Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airline, Air Arabia, Kam Air, KLM, Air France, China Southern Airlines, and United Airlines, we serve as their general sales representatives.
We provide visa drop box services for a number of nations, including the UK, Europe, Canada, and Ireland. We are experts in group travel and event management (Gerry's Holidays, Gerry's Adventure Club, and Gerry's Event Management Solutions). Gerry's has established itself as the undisputed industry leader because to the seamless integration of such a diverse range of connected services under a single business.

Why Gerrys Travel?

Gerry's has become the top aviation-based firm in Pakistan after 50 years of arduous struggle and commitment. It was a journey that has a humble beginning and a glorious present; today we are not only Pakistan's largest aviation-based company but have diversified our portfolio into other divisions like information technology and food and beverage services and excelled in the respective divisions, proving that the leadership and management have the ability to deliver in any aspect of business.

Despite just having one consumer product, Gerry's is now a name that needs no introduction.

    Our Life at Gerry's Section is a photographic and written account of our commitment to and professionalism in the workplace. If we claim to be Pakistan's largest GSA service provider or ground handling service provider, it is because of hard work and professionalism.

    At Gerry's, we take great satisfaction in the commitment, resolve, and goal-orientation of our staff. To ensure total client pleasure, we use cutting-edge technology to guide our staff towards new and illimitable boundaries. We work hard to implement initiatives that will pave the way for a successful future for both our employees and the business.

Message From Vice Chairman

Since 1963 till date, Gerry’s has been the perfect choice for anyone looking to travel around the globe. Be it local or international. After the pandemic we are finally getting back to normal. Gerry’s has also taken this time to improve its infrastructure. Our new team of expert consultants are available to fulfil your travel needs.
Alongside, we have also relocated to a new office location where we can provide better service to our clients. Year after year, we strive to improve the travel and tourism sector by adapting to cutting-edge technologies and solutions that make the process seamless.
With a foothold in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. We are just a call away. As our slogan says: “Let us show you the world!”

Welcome to Gerry's Travel

How Can We Show You The World ?

Welcome to Gerry's Travel

How Can We Show You The World ?