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The US embassy in Islamabad has announced that the application fee for US tourist and non-petition-based non-immigrant visas, such as student and exchange visitor visas, will be increased from $160 to $185. The official duration of the Atlantic hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30, marking its commencement. To navigate unpredictable weather, seek guidance from a reliable travel advisor and obtain a suitable travel insurance plan that covers trip disruptions caused by tropical storms or hurricanes. A seasoned advisor can assist in selecting the right policy considering individual circumstances.


Along with the necessary paperwork, services are provided by Karachi, Pakistan. We offer all kinds of visa services from Karachi, including those for travel and business.

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Welcome to Gerry's Travel

How Can We Show You The World ?

Welcome to Gerry's Travel

How Can We Show You The World ?

Argentina Visa Requirement

Australia Visa Requirement

  1. Passport.
    Australian Visa Form.
    Paid Visa Fee.
    One Identity Picture.
    National Identity Card.
    Police Certificate.
    Family Certificates
    Evidence of Financial Means.
    Health Insurance.
    Authorised Recipient Form.
    Evidence of Temporary Stay
    Detailed Itinerary.
    Accommodation Reservations.
    Employer Permission Letter.
    Invitation Letter.

Austria Visa Requirement

Bangladesh Visa Requirement

Belgium Tourist Visa Requirement

Canada Visa Requirement

China Visa Requirement

Finland Visa Requirement

Egypt Visa Requirement